Women of Hope

Women of Hope

Our mission is to inspire, empower and equip women as they experience the God of Hope in every area of their lives.

Our goals are to manifest the standard of Christ in every way; to develop in the Love of God; to promote oneness and unity as we display the character of our Lord Jesus Christ; to nurture and encourage women to faithfully and fully use their gifts to glorify God.

The women’s ministry will achieve these goals by pursuing the following objectives:

  • Encourage women to develop in the character of Christ through the study of the Word of God.
  • Enhance our personal relationship with God through fellowships, events, and seminars.
  • Teach women to walk in wholeness, spirit, soul, and body through daily implementation of the Word.
  • Host edifying, fun-filled activities, such as luncheons, retreats.

Finally, we want to see every woman develop into the fullness of the virtuous woman God intended for her to be.